These wedding cakes are something else

A beautifully-designed wedding cake is an art in itself, and some women have been successful enough to trade in their day jobs to pursue a career in the craft. Once you have chosen your cake then all you need is your venue, dress, transport and drinks.  At least there is a Mobile Bar Hire Cheltenham company that could help you out with that from sites including . Here we look at three of the top female wedding cake designers extraordinaire.

How to Make Blackberry Jam at Home? Complete Homemade Recipe

Blackberry jam is very simple to prepare, and I also give you directions to be able to leave it with or without the pips since some find it annoying (I include myself). Do you know how to make blackberry jam? The jam is very good, with a powerful blackberry flavor and it is ideal for preparing it when we can catch them wild, towards the end of summer (August and September), although they are usually found in supermarkets almost throughout the year.

Grilled Hake Recipe: With Tricks So It Doesn’t Break

Learn to prepare grilled hake recipe. It is very juicy and also does not break. In the recipe you will find several tricks to get that and that the hake practically melts in your mouth. It is very simple to prepare it like this, but there are some details you have to take into account if or if it fits you perfectly.

Fresh Spinach Omelette Recipe: Very Rich and Simple

This fresh spinach omelet recipe is very rich and simple. It made with very few ingredients, and it needs nothing else. It can be taken cold or hot, more or less curdled, and it is ideal for serving as an appetizer or even as a main dish. In fact, even in a sandwich it is very good and is ideal for taking a picnic.

Tasty and Delicious Japanese Raw Tempura Recipe

Tempura is the way to batter in Japanese cuisine. Do not miss this raw tempura recipe that our chef has prepared. Japan has a deep-rooted vegetarian history thanks to Buddhist influence. Emperor Temmu banned the consumption of meat from wild animals in 675. For twelve centuries, the diet of the Japanese consisted basically of legumes and vegetables.