How to Harden Meringue? 2 Different Recipes

Meringue is an egg and sugar-based preparation that is used to prepare the well-known meringue dessert, as well as to make the topping in different desserts, especially in cakes. Depending on the recipe used, it can be harder or softer, with a crisper or fluffier texture, or it may even have a flavor beyond its own, such as chocolate or coffee. For more information about how to harden meringue to decorate, read this article.

Mimosa Cake Recipe: Tricks to Make It Spectacular

True, the mimosa is a bit of the 80s, but this simple and very scenic preparation has a charm that resists time. It was proposed as a challenge to competitors in the latest edition of Bake off Italia. It is linked to the typical flower that pays homage to Women’s Day on March 8th, this cake is very valid all year round, and is quick and easy to prepare if you follow some precautions. Now, follow the Mimosa cake recipe.