Catering options for your wedding

Once you have set a wedding date and agreed on the Kent Barn Wedding venue or something similar for your wedding day, you can start to think about the food that you are going to serve.

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There are a number of moments during a wedding where you will need to consider the catering options.

Wedding Breakfast – the name of this meal is somewhat deceiving as it actually refers to the first meal that the married couple has together after their ceremony. There are lots of options for this, with the most traditional being a three-course meal that usually consists of a main course resembling a roast dinner. Other options can include buffet-style food that is served by waiters and waitress staff at a central table and also more modern ideas such as a hog roast.

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Evening Reception – the evening event is much more about celebrating with extending family and friends and is another option to serve food. Traditionally this would be a buffet where people can help themselves. There are other options such as the hog roast mentioned above and even food vans such as pizza and fish and chips that can be served to those looking for something to eat in the evening.

Ultimately the food choices that you make will depend on your own preferences as well as the type of wedding and the location of the wedding. If you plan on having your wedding abroad, you will most likely look to have dishes from the local area served.

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