Tips For Holding a Rosh Hashanah Dinner

Organizing a Rosh Hashanah dinner can be a challenging task, but the right preparation can make it less of a burden. In advance, it is helpful to plan menus and prepare different dishes. Some families assign different family members to cook certain dishes. You can also buy pre-prepared foods which will make party prepping much simpler.

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A Rosh Hashanah event can be a fun, festive event. There are many ways to celebrate this holiday, but a great idea is to incorporate traditional Jewish food. Foods associated with Rosh Hashanah are called simanim, and include items associated with the Jewish New Year, such as apples and honey. You can also serve pomegranate molasses. Fish is also traditionally eaten during this time, in particular, fish heads.

In addition to the food, you can also add religious customs to the party. The shofar is blown to start the holiday, and candles are lit on each evening. As with most Jewish holidays, food plays a central role in the celebrations. Pomegranates, prayer, and love all play a part in the ultimate Rosh Hashanah get together. For a range of Rosh hashanah cards to give when you attend a gathering, try visiting a site like

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To make the party more festive, invite guests such as friends and family to take part in the festivities. If possible, hold the gathering outdoors where guests can gather safely. Remember that the food doesn’t have to be difficult to prepare or overly fancy, just made with the heart and soul.


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