What are Seder Plates and what food is specifically served on them.

Seder Plates are beautifully designed religious serving dishes that are specifically used during the Jewish Festival of The Passover, and can be ordered from an elite company such as cazenovejudaica.com.  There are usually six different foods that are served on these very special plates during a very important time of the year for the Jewish people. A roasted shankbone or  Zeroa is the only element of meat served and symbolises the Lamb of God.  A roasted, hard boiled egg, or Beitza, symbolises the sacrifice that was given at the Temple of Jerusalem. Some Horseradish or Maror which symbolises the bitterness the slaves felt in Egypt. An onion, or Chazeret representing all the tears that were shed by the Jewish people. Some fresh sprigs of parsley or Karpas which symbolise the hope and sense of renewal that the Passover Festival gives the Jewish community of today.

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Many of these beautifully designed, artistic, and symbolic plates have pre-formed moulds, the perfect size to put the various religious foods into. Next to the Seder Plate is a stack of three Matzot, which are kept apart from each other by a clean cloth or napkin and used during special blessings and prayers offered throughout the meal.

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The Seder Plate shows all the foods that emphasise the ideas of the People of Israel and tells the story of their exodus from Egypt across the River Jordan and is a very important and symbolic item for all Jewish families.

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