How to Improve Your Bakery

Running a bakery is time-consuming. It is not unusual for a baker to start work before 4 am. Depending on where they are located, they stay open late too, very few shut before 6 pm. It is a long day and even those bakery owners that have people working across several shifts are there for most of the day.

With so much to do, some things tend to slip. Including, keeping the look and feel of the bakery on trend and tapping into the latest technology to remain competitive.

If you own a bakery that has not been updated in a while, this article will be especially useful.  It looks at a range of mostly easy-to-implement improvements you could make.

Use screens to freshen up the look while improving your marketing

Investing in the latest digital signage software is always worth doing. Studies show that people really notice the colorful ads and promotions you can create to show on them. They are a great way to boost sales.

The fact that they are so eye-catching will also lift the look and feel of your bakery. If you use the type that consumes very little power, you can set them up so that they can be seen by passers-by at any time of the day or night. Some can be linked to sensors that switch the screen on and off when someone is passing. This makes these screens more noticeable while ensuring you are not using power to advertise to an empty street.

Review the price strategy you are using

Because bread is something that people buy virtually every day, they notice when the price goes up. It is not unusual for people to switch to a baker that charges just a few cents less. So, to say the price is important is an understatement.

If you have not done so for a while, review the pricing strategy you are using. How each of them works is outlined here.

Invest in working more efficiently

How efficiently everything is done plays a big role in being able to keep prices competitive. It is surprising how much can be saved by simply reviewing how each process is being done and tweaking things.

New technology and equipment can also be used to make everything happen faster. It is worth visiting a catering fair every couple of years or so to see what is available. But, before you invest, do the maths. Work out the ROI. If something you want would be too expensive, investigate the idea of buying 2nd hand or leasing.

Invest in tech to improve product quality

People always appreciate quality and usually are prepared to pay a bit more for it. Anything that enables you to offer a better product is worth investing in, for example, decorating tools that enable you to achieve a sharper, more attractive finish. These types of new technology and equipment bring other benefits too. The most important ones are outlined in this article.

Develop something new to offer your customers

Everyone is always looking for something new to enjoy. When you create something that is a taste sensation people will flock to your bakery. The cronut is a perfect example. This unique combination of flaky croissant layers in a doughnut-like shape was created by Dominique Ansel of New York. The queues outside his Soho-based bakery were not quite miles long, but close to it. Today, thousands are sold out of his greatly expanded bakery empire and shipped across The States.

Unsurprisingly, doing something similar is every baker’s dream. You can find out more about how the cronut was created and how best to create your own iconic product by clicking the link.

Maximize what you already offer

Using sales data and short prize draw surveys to find out what people like and why is a great way to spot new opportunities. It is far easier to add another flavor to your range than it is to start baking an entirely new product. There is no need to source new ingredients, invest in new equipment, and train staff.

Try new things out regularly

Regularly offering something fresh and different will keep people coming back for more. So, don´t be afraid to cook a batch of something different each week and see if it sells well. Create an ad featuring that type of item and advertise it on your digital screens to raise awareness.

None of the above improvements are particularly expensive. If they all appeal, spread out implementing them over a year. Taking that approach will make it easier to measure the impact of each innovation.

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