How to Make Salmon Poke Bowl? Healthy Hawaiian Salad

It is increasingly common to consume dishes with raw fish. It is not only about the famous sushi and all its varieties but that the tarts are the order of the day and their success is that they are effortless and quick preparations to make. With a few simple dressings, the salmon poke bowl is spectacular and even seems to be raw and is an exquisite bite.

How to Make Salmon Poke Bowl?

Learn how to prepare salmon poke bowl, the healthy and delicious Hawaiian salad. It is so fashionable, I would say that it stays. It is a great option to serve the most appealing and attractive dish with fresh and natural ingredients and full of flavor.

The poke bowl is a Hawaiian salad consisting of raw fish, and that has evolved to this dish that has been so widespread and in which a base of cooked cereal, vegetables and fruits, seaweed and raw and marinated fish with a dressing that usually has a strong Asian touch. This combination makes it a dish of the most complete and best of all. We can adapt it to our liking by choosing the ingredients that will compose it.

You can prepare this dish with fresh salmon but also with marinated salmon. I recommend our recipe for homemade marinated salmon with dill. It is delicious and is very easy to prepare.

how to make salmon poke bowl

Ingredients (4 people):

  • 400 gr of fresh salmon. I also sometimes use marinated salmon.
  • 300 gr of rice Ideally, it should be a jasmine or basmati variety.
  • 420 ml of water.
  • Wakame seaweed salad.
  • Edamame (green soybean pods).
  • Red cabbage.
  • Arugula
  • Roasted sesame seeds.

For the dressing:

  • 4 tablespoons soy sauce.
  • 1 tablespoon sesame oil.
  • 1 teaspoon of lemon juice dessert.
  • 1/2 teaspoon grated fresh ginger dessert.
  • Wasabi to taste, depending on how you like it spicy.


The ideal way to avoid anisakids is to freeze it for several days in the fridge. My system is, as I like so much to prepare tartar and sushi, to have pieces of salmon and bluefin tuna frozen in the fridge and so when I feel like preparing a recipe in which they are used in raw I have them available at the moment, just defrosting them.

We go with the rice, which I recommend you prepare it well in advance or even the day before so that it is cold when serving it. Use a pot that has a lid and put the rice in it, add plenty of water and stir it a bit. Remove the water and do the same thing again, to clean it a little and remove some starch.

Pour the water stated in the ingredients, cover the pot, and light the heat at high temperature. After it boils, it counts 6 minutes, and after that time lower the heat a little and let it cook 6 more minutes. The whole process must be done without uncovering the pot.

Turn off the heat, set aside the pot and let it rest for 30 minutes to 1 hour, and when you can handle it without burning, separate it a little with the help of a kitchen spatula or with your own hands.

Cook the edamame. To do this, put a pot over high heat with plenty of water and a little salt and when it is boiling, add the edamame (you can even throw them directly frozen). Cook 5 minutes if they were frozen and 3 minutes if they were not and drain them.

Cook edamame

You can pour cold water over them to cut the cooking so you can handle them before. When they have cooled, go opening the pods, take out the beans, and discard the pods.

Mix the seasoning ingredients in a bowl: soy sauce, sesame oil, lemon juice, ginger and wasabi, and mix. Clean the salmon by removing the skin and possible spines and cut it into tacos as in the picture.

Put the salmon tacos in the bowl with the dressing, mix well so that it is impregnated and let it rest while you mount the rest of the dish. The resting time influences the taste, but it is not good or bad to leave it more or less time, but it goes in tastes.

You can now mount the bowls. I have put a bed of cooked rice that covers the entire bottom, and on top, I have been putting fine cut red cabbage, arugula, edamame grains, wakame seaweed salad and salmon (drained from the dressing), and above I have put sesame seeds toasted.

I like to use the leftover of the dressing and then throw it over the rest of the ingredients, so if the salmon has absorbed it almost completely, you can prepare more quantity following the proportions that I have indicated or those that you like the most, and even use only soy sauce or sesame oil.

Serve salmon poke bowl

Time: 45 minutes (more rest of ingredients to be cold)
Difficulty: Easy

Once all the ingredients are placed, you already have the poke bowl ready. The idea is to serve it at room temperature according to the time of the year. Some leave it for a while in the fridge before eating it. The good idea is to prepare the ingredients without many measures, then assemble the poke bowls that you are going to serve and if there are plenty of ingredients, store them in the fridge (each in a separate closed container) for another day.

Serve the poke bowl on the table along with a small bowl with more dressing and a spoon in case someone wants to put it above the rest of the ingredients. At the time of eating it, there are not many rules since there are those who maintain the order of the dish and combine the ingredients. There are also those who mix everything just before starting to eat. You can even consider eating it with a fork or with chopsticks.