How to prepare a good coffee at home?

Prepare a good coffee at home

To prepare a good coffee at home you have to pay attention to simple things that will greatly improve the taste of your drink. In this article, I share 10 easy steps to prepare a good coffee at home.

For a long time, I was one of those people who likes to drink coffee at a coffee shop. But avoid drinking it at home because I didn’t know how to make something decent.

To prepare a good coffee you do not have to buy an expensive coffee maker. Anyone you have in your house will produce a decent cup. Do not forget that the best coffees in the world. Which are generally bought by Japanese or Americans, and are enjoyed using a dripper and a simple paper filter. And so? What do you have to do to prepare a good coffee?

Buy Good, Fresh Coffee

Make good coffee at home

To prepare a good coffee we have to start with good beans and these beans also have less than 60 days from roasting. This is so because coffee, like many other foods, deteriorates over time as it is exposed to oxygen.

At Cafe Delirante we roast and ship the coffee to your home on the same day, to ensure that it arrives fresh and delicious. Any coffee you buy in the supermarket surely does not meet this condition.

Try To Grind The Coffee Just Before Preparing It

Using coffee that is freshly ground produces a richer coffee. Buying a good grinder for your home is possibly one of the things that will help improve your coffee the most. But if you don’t have a coffee grinder at home. Make sure that the coffee was ground at the time you bought it and that the grind is the right one for your coffee maker. This article tells you more about grinding.

Use 10 Grams Of Coffee For Every 160 Grams Of Water

You have to try to keep the ratio of coffee to water between 1 and 16 when you prepare coffee (except if you have an espresso machine). If you don’t have a scale in your kitchen, you can calculate that a full teaspoon has 10g of coffee and that’s enough to prepare a medium cup of the drink.

Prepare A Good Coffee Using Very Hot Water

Ideally, you can heat your water to around 95 degrees. If the water you use to prepare your coffee is not very hot. You will not be able to dissolve the parts of the coffee that are soluble and therefore you will end up with weak coffees or with little flavor.

This does not mean that you should drink your coffee very hot. I prefer to drink it at an intermediate temperature. So I prepare it with very hot water and let it rest for 7/8 minutes before drinking it.

Make Sure Your Coffee Maker Is Very Clean

When I say clean, you have to make sure that your coffee maker is very clean. Personally, I like simple glass or ceramic pots with a paper filter because you can discard the used coffee and clean them easily.

If your coffee maker or your filters have traces of the coffee you prepared yesterday, that residual coffee will go through the water again, making your cup very bitter.

If You Like To Drink Coffee With Milk, Use Little Milk

When you make coffee at home without an espresso machine. Your coffee is going to be much more diluted than in a coffee shop. Therefore, if you want to add milk, make sure that the amount of milk does not represent more than 10% of the total liquid. This article tells you more about café con Leche.

Drink The Coffee At The Moment You Prepare It

The coffee should be drunk right after its preparation. The coffee should not be re-heated (it will become very bitter). Nor should it be left in any type of container that is hot or on fire. If you want, you can keep your coffee rich for up to 1 hour if you keep it in a thermos.

Store Your Coffee In A Cupboard

Put your coffee in a good bag that can be closed and leave it in a cupboard. The best bags are those made of aluminum foil that has a zipper or any other mechanism that allows you to re-close the bag hermetically.

It is important that the cupboard is not directly exposed to sunlight. And do not make the mistake of my grandmother, who kept the coffee in the refrigerator.

I Reduced The Sugar Gradually

Good quality coffee does not need to be drunk with sugar. Most of the coffees you can buy in a supermarket, however, sold as “ Cafe Torrado ”, are poor quality coffees with up to 15% sugar added.

But when you start to drink good coffee, it will no longer be necessary to add sugar. Start by cutting the amount of sugar in half and after a few days take it without any sweetener. Our mission is to transform the way you drink coffee and once you start enjoying the taste of a good coffee you will understand why we make this recommendation.

Give It Time And Enjoy

If your palate is used to drinking roasted coffee or poor-quality coffee. At first, the taste of drinking good coffee at home will be strange to you. But try to enjoy the moment by looking for flavors in your cup. I guarantee that after drinking good quality coffee for 3 days you will never want to go back to supermarket-roasted coffee again in your life.

Making coffee at home is fun and can make you the hero of your family or guests. Over time you will notice that as you begin to experiment and test the differences you will adjust these steps to your liking.

Did you know that if you let your coffee cool for about 10 minutes, you will taste a sweeter cup? Welcome to your new adventure! This is a one-way road, close your eyes and feel the flavors of a rich coffee. Life is Beautiful.

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