Traditional Yummy and Tasty Hungarian Goulash With Spaetzle Recipe

Hungarian Goulash

I confess that I was a little lazy to prepare this traditional Hungarian goulash recipe with spaetzle, for the time to be ready. Still, I assure you that it is worth following all the steps for the spectacular result you get.

I recommend you prepare the goulash the day before and let it rest overnight. The next day you will only have to make the spaetzles. There are some individual presses to shape them, but since I don’t have it, I used the traditional method, although I have to polish it because it cost me a bit.

Hungarian Goulash ingredients (10 people)

  • Beefsteak (chopped): 1.75 kg
  • Onion: 8 pcs
  • Carrot: 1 pc
  • Garlic cloves: 2 pcs
  • Italian green pepper: 1 pc
  • Concentrated chicken stock cubes: 2 pcs
  • Cumin grain teaspoons: 2 pcs
  • Sweet paprika scoops:2 pcs
  • Teaspoon sugar: 1 pc
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • Eggs: 3 pcs
  • 300 g wheat flour
  • Butter: 20 g
  • 100 ml of saltwater


Difficulty: Medium
Total time: 4 hour
Elaboration: 4 hour

We start flouring the pieces of veal, then put them in a colander and shake it so that they release the excess flour. Saute them in a little oil, in batches. We take them out, we salt them and reserve them.

Add a little more oil and saute the chopped onion, leaving it a little to sweat before. Add the grated carrot and chopped garlic cloves. Stir with a spoon, over low heat, until everything is well done. Add the cumin, paprika and green pepper, also chopped.

We let it go for about 15 minutes, without stopping to stir. Add the two cubes of broth diluted in the water, sugar and salt rectified. We add 1 glass of water (approximately) and let it be done very slowly. We passed this sauce for the Chinese, although I preferred to crush it so that it was very thick.

Add the meat and let it cook for about 2 hours over very very low heat. If it is too thick, we can add a little more water. We have to be careful so that it does not stick because it is very easy, so we can add water little by little if we see it necessary.

To make the spaetzle, we put in a bowl with the flour, salt, butter, eggs and mix it all with the spoon. Little by little, while still mixing, we incorporate the water until everything has been absorbed. We let it rest.

Meanwhile, we put a pot on the fire with plenty of saltwater. We put the dough on a wooden board and, when the water boils, we cut pieces of the dough with the help of a sharp knife and we throw them in the water.

When they rise to the surface, we pick them up with a slotted spoon and put them in a bowl with a little butter, stirring so they mix with it. We serve them very hot to accompany the goulash.

It is best to serve this traditional Hungarian goulash recipe with hot spaetzle. If you don’t want to prepare the spaetzles, you can also help the beef stew with rice, pasta, or potatoes. Prepare more than the account. You will love to have for more than one day.

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