How to make three chocolate cake

It is very simple to make, you do not need an oven and, best of all, it is delicious! Follow this step by step and you will see how there is not a single portion left.

There is nothing like table talk after lunches and dinners, especially when they are accompanied by delicious desserts that sweeten the moment and put the final point to a menu prepared with care. It is likely that the roscón de Reyes is one of the favorites. But if at home you are one of those who save it for the day of gifts, you cannot stop making this three-chocolate cake recipe for another day.

Black Forest Cake, the authentic recipe

A few weeks ago we were at a gastronomic summit in Germany and, among other things, we took a course to learn how to make the authentic Black Forest cake.

Moist Apple Cake Recipe: How to Prepare It

Queque, also called Keke, cake or sponge cake, is the name that sponge cake receives in some Latin American countries and in the Canary Islands. This traditional sponge cake offers great versatility in the kitchen since by varying only one of its ingredients, you can enjoy a rich dessert of any flavor or essence.