Japense Vegan Miso Soup Recipe (Step by Step Instructions)

The miso soup or misoshiru is a staple of Japanese cuisine that can not miss on the table. It is one of the essential dishes that make up the typical Japanese menu. Here we follow the formula of “one soup plus three dishes.” Both during lunch and dinner and is also present in the traditional Japanese breakfast. Also, miso soup recipe is easy to prepare, so we encourage you to try it.

Salmorejo recipe with mozzarella and anchovy hash, capers and olives

At home, we go a lot with the season since we spend the winter with the hottest and most comforting spoon dishes. But as soon as summer arrives we only want new things. With natural ingredients and also that need little preparation. There is no need for light the fires of the oven in the kitchen. Let’s see the Salmorejo recipe.