Helping the Birds in Your Garden

Watching the birds come into the garden is always a joy, but sadly many of the garden birds that we love to see are declining in numbers. Providing birds with a safe space in your garden is something that can help give the garden bird population a boost and there are many ways that you can make your garden a bird friendly haven.

Here are some ideas…

A Bird Table – A bird table will attract many birds to your garden and provide food and water. It is particularly loved during the winter months when food and water can be scarce, but at this time of the year the birds need all the help they can get to feed their young.

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Trees and Plants – Many plants and trees provide both food and protection for birds. For an instant result, look for semi mature trees for sale like this and you will have a grown tree ready to use. Native plants and trees are best as they are suited for the climate and for the native birds that live here.

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Nesting Boxes – Nesting boxes give garden birds a safe spot to build their nests and raise their young. Place them in higher areas around your garden out of reach of predators to encourage birds to nest in them. You can even get nest boxes with cameras that will enable you to watch the goings on inside and see the new chicks as they grow.

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