Anise Donuts Recipe: How to Prepare It at Your Home

The donuts anise is one of those recipes of all life, from the first bite, you feel that homemade and traditional essence both taste like us pastries. Many believe that it is a sweet that is only made during festivities such as Easter or Christmas, but the truth is that it is a recipe that we can prepare at any time of the year to delight us with its delicious aniseed flavor. If you want to know how to make fluffy fried anise donuts, don’t miss the following anise donuts recipe. We warn you one thing: you will not be able to eat only one.

How to Cook Quinoa for Breakfast and Snacks

Quinoa is a food that, until a few years ago, was a complete unknown to many. However, little by little it began to gain a large number of followers and, currently, this food is present in many kitchens and diets. If you still do not know the properties of quinoa, you should know that this food has a lot of benefits when compared to other cereals.

Why Pancakes Stick to Pan? Find Out the Reasons

Pancake is one of the star products of gastronomy and cuisine from various countries such as Argentina, Chile or Uruguay. Under this name, there is a kind of crepe, omelet or pancake. It can be made both sweet and salty, which is usually eaten for example for breakfast, among other possible times of the day. Making the pancake is not complicated, although there are times when they do not go well because they stick to the pan. Here, we will explain why pancakes stick to pan and we also provide you with some solutions so that you can make your favorite recipe without problems and it is delicious.

How to Harden Meringue? 2 Different Recipes

Meringue is an egg and sugar-based preparation that is used to prepare the well-known meringue dessert, as well as to make the topping in different desserts, especially in cakes. Depending on the recipe used, it can be harder or softer, with a crisper or fluffier texture, or it may even have a flavor beyond its own, such as chocolate or coffee. For more information about how to harden meringue to decorate, read this article.

Meringue Shard Recipe: How to Make It at Home

Meringue is one of the most versatile pastry recipes since you can use it as a topping, decoration or fillings for cakes and desserts. There are different ways to do this, you can prepare Italian meringue, meringue Swiss, and merengue French, among others, but each carries a different process with peculiarities in its texture and its uses.

Regular Kibble Recipe: How to Batter Kibbles

Croquettes are one of those typical dishes that appeal to both children and adults. They can be made with all kinds of fillings, such as ham, chicken, cheese, meat, vegetables, octopus, and chorizo, among other options. Although in most cases it is a salty snack, it can also be enjoyed in sweet presentations based on rice pudding, banana, or yogurt.