Why you should celebrate your Mum

Your mother is your best friend. Although it may sound corny, a mother’s love for her child will last a lifetime. We should treasure our mothers every day, especially as Mother’s Day is almost here again for another year. Here are some of the reasons your mother is your best friend:

She is the best advisor

As you grow older, you realise that her advice was always meant to benefit you. All that advice makes sense when you become a parent.

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She knows you more than you do

She knows everything about you, from the exact location of your birthmark down to how you like your toast. She knows there’s a problem, even when you claim to be fine. She listens to you even when you are not speaking. You can’t hide anything from her, whether you call it instinct or because she is so attentive.

She is your biggest fan

She’s got your back when you feel like the world is against you. A quick call to your mother and a pep talk will do it. She is always there for you. You can show her that you care with a special gift like Afternoon tea boxes from www.afternoonteabox.com.

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She will protect you

She will firmly reprimand any person who mistreats you, whether it is the kid next door or the teacher. Nobody messes around with her children! Heaven help the first person to break your heart. Nobody knows what wrath is until they see a mother deal with a person who has wronged her child.

She makes the best food ever

Nobody does it better than mum.

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