How to Be a Good Server at a Restaurant as a Beginner

Do you want to work as a waiter but have no experience? Even if you have never worked in front of the public or attending tables or have not even worked at all yet, you should always make a good curriculum vitae focused on the hospitality sector. In addition, you must reflect on the desire you have to work in this profession, your skills and also your abilities. We want to help you so that you know what you must do to get a job in this profession. For this reason, in this article, we are going to tell you how to be a good server at a restaurant as a beginner, take note!

How to be a good server at a restaurant?

It is believed that one of the inexperienced jobs, that is, they do not require just having worked in the same field, more common and easier to get is that of a waiter. But the truth is that this is not always the case. There is an increasing demand for employment and jobs, although they are emerging, are not increasing at the same rate and, therefore, it is somewhat difficult to find a job quickly. Nowadays you have to know how to stand out from the crowd and the usual methods, such as having good studies, seem to be not enough in most cases. So, if you want to be an inexperienced waiter, start by taking note of what an inexperienced waiter’s CV should have:

Basic information and availability

Any CV must indicate personal data, as well as have a passport-size and color photographs. You must also indicate the availability of hours and if you can start working immediately or if it takes a few days (something common when you have to leave one job for another), this is vital when the CV is going to be presented for a job offer. employment in hospitality since the waiters have very varied shifts.


Since you do not have the experience, it will be essential that you focus on your official studies as well as courses and other non-approved training, but that has given you knowledge and experience in dealing with clients, facing the public, telephone service, etc. In this section, you must include from your primary studies to the university or master’s degree that you have completed, in addition to extra courses that you see that have a minimal relationship with the hospitality industry.

Some regulated qualifications and vocational training for employment-related to the hospitality sector are Higher Technician in Restoration, Technician in Restaurant and Bar Services, Head of Room or Maitre, Technician in Waiter / a restaurant-bar, Sommelier, Customer service and service techniques, Food hygiene control, etc.


It will be necessary to mention here all the official practices that you have taken as part of your training and the experiences that have served you to learn to deal with the public, to serve food and drink, to cook, etc., as volunteers or as monitor jobs in camps and similar places.


You must list all the languages ​​of which you have a degree or are your mother tongues. Indicate the language, the level, both written and oral, and the official title that you have. In the hospitality area, it is very positive to know several languages, in fact, it is really necessary to stand out, especially if you want to work as a waiter in nightclubs, cruises or in another country. Nowadays English is an essential language but other languages, like Spanish, which are very widespread are also very necessary.

Capacities and skills

If you want to know how to work as a waitress / or for the first time, since you do not have the experience, you should bear in mind that your CV cannot lack your abilities and skills. Some of the most valued in this field of work are good customer service, camaraderie, knowledge of languages, making drinks, cocktails and food, knowing how to present dishes, knowing how to make cash, knowing how to work with some pressure due to the rush that there is usually, etcetera.

Cover letter from a waiter

Another essential aspect, especially when there is not much experience reflected in the CV, is that you make a cover letter. Obviously, it is not mandatory, but it helps the recruiter or interviewer a lot for the waiter job you are applying for, and also gives a more complete picture of you than just the resume. Thus, it is recommended that you see that you want to work in this profession and to be a good waiter, make a letter of introduction.

You can include various professional skills such as being meticulous, respectful, having self-control, the ability to work with a customer and team orientation and with the capacity for cooperation.

Thus, to find a job as an inexperienced waiter you must cover the maximum number of offers that you find in job portals, but you must also go to the establishments that you can hand deliver your CV.

Deliver the CV by hand or online?

This is a very common question since nowadays many people no longer deliver their CV in hand but send it directly over the Internet, without having to do anything more than wait for a response from the company. However, it is something that totally depends on the profession for which you are applying for the job.

In the case of the hospitality industry today it is good and necessary to send the request together with the CV to the offers that we find in the network, as well as to send the CV to the email indicated on the company website, but it is still essential hand deliver it in the same bar or restaurant. In this way, the person in charge of hiring staff can see you and you can already make a good first impression.

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