Colour considerations for a kitchen refurbishment

Colour is essential in all homes. Unmatched, jarring colours can unpleasantly affect visitors, as they will find your colour scheme less attractive. This applies even more so when looking at a kitchen. Colour is one of the most vital elements in creating space or its illusion, representing your style and personality.

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If your kitchen looks tired and old and needs a colour boost, consider a Kitchen Refurb. can provide you with the perfect service when looking at ways to spruce up your old kitchen without having to buy a completely

new one.

To understand colour, you should consider the psychology behind it. Specific colours express certain moods. The expression “I’m feeling blue”  has been linked to feeling down or unhappy. But blue is also seen as an expression of water and life. Green is representative of nature, and red is seen as a danger. Therefore, yellow, seen as an expression of happiness, is one of the most popular colour schemes you will find in a kitchen.

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When it comes to colours, you can follow two simple rules. The modern kitchen involves bright, bold colours, such as rich, deep blues or exotic vivid reds like vermillion. However, if you’re looking for a more country feel, those colours tend to be more muted and beige. Whatever you decide to use must be a colour that you find attractive and comfortable with.

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