How to Eat Caviar and Serve Like a Professional

Caviar is food that has always been linked to haute cuisine and the most sophisticated diners. However, its origin was much more modest, a whopping 250 million years ago. In today’s article, we will present how to eat caviar and serve.

Did you know that the fish from which caviar comes already existed in Prehistory? And that each copy can live more than 100 years? The sturgeon has always been and will be one of the most imposing creatures of the animal world. In its long journey, it has gone through all kinds of stages to become the succulent delicacy that it is today. Especially if we talk about their famous row, for which some diners get to disburse $25,000 per kilo. Such is the demand in the high spheres that some sturgeon species are in danger of extinction. At various points of the globe, their fishing has been strictly prohibited. How did you get to this point?

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How to eat caviar?

Once its history is discovered, it is time to learn how to handle such a delicious delicacy correctly. If not, we encourage you to do so, as it will show you that eating caviar is not as simple as taking a teaspoon and digging the product out of the container. Food of such delicacy requires a specific process for its consumption. What steps should be taken into account?

The caviar should always be cold. This exclusive ingredient must be refrigerated at an average temperature of 4°C, even when it is already served on the table. To keep the caviar in that state, you can place it on a glass or crystal plate with crushed ice flakes.

All at once. Contrary to what happens with other products, when you open a container of caviar, all its contents should be consumed immediately. If you store the leftovers in the refrigerator, all their flavor will disappear and it will spoil quickly. Luckily, many brands offer a very small package to avoid this problem.

No metal Most diners would use the typical metal cutlery to serve the caviar. However, this is an inconceivable mistake. This material can change the taste and give it a metallic touch that is not interesting at all. The right choice is utensils made of ceramic, glass or plastic.

Small bites The rules of etiquette ensure that caviar must be ingested in tiny quantities, to experience its flavor and texture fully.

The importance of dressings. Along with the traditional cookies without salt, caviar is also usually accompanied by all kinds of dressings that enhance its flavor. Opt for fresh herbs such as parsley or dill, sour cream or a splash of lemon juice.

Nutritions in 100 grams caviar

You will find red caviar in supermarkets and grocery shops. This caviar is originally from Russia, where since the 18th century it has been used to become one of its traditional foods. Their nutrition is the same.

How to serve caviar

Regarding the tasting of caviar, there are many theories and many different opinions. The most widespread is that it should be taken on a toast, cookie or crispy slice (nothing soft) or a similar base without salt. So, nothing interferes with its flavor. Other experts indicate that a small base of butter on the toast, biscuit or slice accompanies it well, before placing the caviar.

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As for the drink that best accompanies caviar, the most purists on the subject believe that an ice cream vodka is one of the best accompaniments that good caviar can have. However, the most widespread habit or custom is to accompany it with good champagne or champagne. However, caviar can combine well with other types of drinks served in snacks.

History of caviar

The first written records of caviar consumption date back to 1240. The caviar industry started in Eurasia and around the Mediterranean. And it is that at first the fishermen sold the fish and stayed with the offal, among them the roe which salted abundantly, wrapped in cloths and buried at the seashore as a conservation method. A very humble start that, with the development of storage and transport of refrigerated products, managed to emerge in the late eighteenth century.

After several failed attempts it will be after the French Revolution, with the birth of the Restoration, when it is known and adopted by the French chefs. But it will be in the twentieth century when its worldwide fame arrives. This happens thanks in part to the Petrosian family, which today still manages 60% of the industry and choose the millionaires as the target audience. In the United States, caviar was used as a mere salty snack to promote beer consumption. At least until the prohibition of fishing in 1915, due to the decline in stocks of white and Atlantic sturgeons.

Danger of extinction

Almost a century later is a very effective way to generate money. After the breakup of the Soviet Union, the new free states carried out massive and uncontrolled fishing of sturgeons. The pollution and reduction of the flow of the rivers took the sturgeon of the Caspian Sea to the brink of extinction. They report in the blog of Sterling Caviar, a world pioneer in the sustainable breeding of sturgeon and the production of caviar. And so on to this day.

Although it is a food that is better to try alone, caviar can also be used as a side dish or seasoning for another main course. Boiled egg, salmon, avocado, shrimp, potato, eggplant or rice are some ingredients that perfectly match the characteristics of caviar. A careful selection that also affects the accompanying drink. The purists opt for frozen vodka, although cava, champagne, white wine and sparkling wines are also a great option.

Benefits of caviar

All this is because the eggs of these fish are in development and need a great source of nutrients for the fish to form. There is no difference between the nutrients that red caviar has with black caviar. So try the one you prefer without any fear!

It is one of the healthiest foods. It does not contain any harmful fats and is considered one of the best delicacies. Also, It enjoys a high degree of polyunsaturated and omega 3, which benefits our body in terms of blood circulation and optimizing the functions of the heart. To eat the best caviar in the world is to take care of yourself in a unique way.

There is no limit when consuming this food. Caviar is positive for children, nursing women or people who have feeding problems. In addition, it does not make you fat, which makes it one of the most desired in any type of diet.

Other benefits of caviar are that some nutrients in caviar reduce fatigue. They offer more energy to the diner, and that, with the minerals it contains. It can help our body to have more strength.

If you want to buy caviar as an expert, you should be clear that red caviar tastes better when the eggs are smaller. So, do not hesitate to buy the smaller ones to eat the most delicious.

We advise to eat Chum Salmon Caviar, Pink salmon caviar and Red Salmon Caviar.

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